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These guidelines and regulations are set in place to effectively govern RELENTLESS MUSCLE and affiliated parties. Any disregard or failure to follow set guidelines and rules will result in immediate dismissal from RELENTLESS MUSCLE car club. 

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1. The goals and objectives of this car club is to serve as a medium of exchange of ideas and information for Automotive Enthusiasts and to aid them in their efforts to appreciate, restore and preserve their vehicles. To create a feeling of good fellowship among all members of the club. To enjoy the camaraderie of people with similar interests, and to conduct club functions and activities in a manner befitting members of the club and must display sincerity of the club. Also, to encourage a better understanding of the automotive hobby to the public.


2. The goal is to unite in a central organization, individuals who are interested in maintaining automobiles in a manner to attract prestige and respect within the community, and it shall further be the purpose of this club to help our local community in charity events.


3. The Relentless Muscle Car Club is an all-volunteer membership, which shall be nonsectarian, and non-partisan. The ownership of a  vehicle is required for membership; the club does not discriminate against any model or modification of vehicle.





1) Membership is invitation only:

If you have someone interested in joining Relentless Muscle, please have them fill out an application on the website, print it out and bring it with them to the next available club meeting. They will be interviewed at the meeting, if there is a member willing to sponsor them and if found suitable, they will be allowed to prospect with the Relentless Muscle car club.

2) Membership is a privilege:

Many events and functions that Relentless Muscle representatives have the opportunity for sponsorship, so please remember it is important to be presentable in the community at all times. People notice both positive and negative actions.

3) All members are asked to participate in at least one monthly club meetings:

Relentless Muscle meetings occur 2 times per month. The locations and time vary around the Las Vegas Valley in order to ensure the highest possible membership attendance. If you are unable to attend a meeting, you are asked to contact an officer or board member in advance of the club meeting. Failure to attend meetings regularly may result in dismissal from Relentless Muscle. 

4) Members are required to obey all traffic laws:

If you are found to be road or street racing, burning out or doing donuts in a non controlled event, IMMEDIATE EXPULSION WILL OCCUR. Relentless Muscle has a zero-tolerance policy towards street racing burnouts and donuts unless, at a sanctioned controlled event. If you want to race, keep it on the track. Do not endanger lives of innocent people.

5) Attend as many events as you can to show support for your club:

We all have busy schedules, but part of what makes Relentless great is the family dynamic and love for cars we all share. Show support for your club.

6) If you would like a leadership role within Relentless, please enquire:

There are many positions available and the more help we have, the more smoothly things run. Some positions may be rotational, where as some will require more stability in who runs it.

7) Almost all club information is posted on our website or social media pages which include Facebook, Instagram, Tictok,  and Youtube.

Please refer to individual threads for information. If you have a question about an event please message the public relations officer directly. This will avoid unnecessary clutter on the page so all of the information is readily available. Please also note to keep conversations on these threads relevant to the event/activity at hand.

8) If you have a pressing concern about club dynamics please message an officer:

Do not post major concerns on the main page without first having talked to an officer. (Often times an issue may be resolved before people even know there is a potential issue, or it may not even effect half of the members.)

9) Members and Voting Rights:

  1. Club members shall be 18 years old or older to be entitled to receive the club’s official newsletter, a copy of the membership roster, and notices of club activities.

  2. Family members shall include only the children, under the age of 18, living in the household. Family Members will not receive the club newsletter or have the right to vote, but will be entitled to all other benefits of the club.

  3. A full member or an associate member is defined as the individual that filled out the application or renewal and their significant other if they listed one on said application or renewal. Note that there will be only one copy of the club newsletter distributed per membership.

  4. The Club Members shall be responsible for notifying the Membership Coordinator of any change in their e-mail address.

10) Prospects:

A. All prospects will have a minimum of  3 months to attend 6 meeting 3 functions and host an event prior to being voted in.

B. If a prospect comes from a different car club, they will need to not be affiliated in any way fashion or form before starting there membership process. If the prospect member is still affiliated with their previous club, the prospect member will no longer be allowed to continue their membership process with the club. 

C. On his/her 1st meeting, prospects will announce their intention to prospect with Relentless Muscle. They will then be assigned a club member to sponsor them while prospecting and start their monthly dues.

D. he/she will give the Secretary their personal information.

                        a. Name & Address

                        b. Phone Number

                        c. Email

                        d. Birth Date

                        e. Social Media accounts

                        f. Year, Make, Model of vehicle

                        g. He/she will sign the club bylaws

E. he/she will have a Q&A session with the membership coordinator.

F. he/she will receive a small Relentless Muscle logo to put on their vehicle. 

G. When he/she has attended at least 6 meetings 3 functions and put on one event, Prospect will then go before the club and be asked a series of questions and then be evaluated and have to have 100% of the members vote present to be voted in and announced by the member coordinator. After being voted in, he/she will be a full membership and be presented with a club logo and club shirt.   

I. If a prospect has not participated or communicated within a timely manner, at the discretion of the officers, he/she will be removed.

J. Previous members or members on a leave of absent that are on good terms wanting to return to the club will be at the discretion of each member of the club.                      

11) Dues:

  1. The cost of monthly dues is $20 or $240 annually for new and renewing members and can be paid in person to the treasure or online at our store via Paypal and shall be reviewed and/or changed at the annual meeting. For renewing members’ dues must be paid prior to, or at, the January Monthly Meeting for that current year. New members may join the club anytime during the year. New members joining after October 1st will pay the applicable yearly rate, which will cover their dues for the remainder of the year they join, and the following year until December 31st.

  2. A member shall be considered in default in the payment of dues after the January Meeting. If a member’s dues are not paid by January 31st of the current year, their membership will be considered terminated.

  3. In order to participate in any Club functions or events, or to receive any benefits or considerations from the Club financially or otherwise, a member must be a current paid club member.

12) Expulsion of Member:

The Officers by a majority or 2/3 vote may in the best interests of the Club, after review of the relevant facts and circumstances, with documentation of the pertinent facts, expel a member. Normally such member shall be given written notice of pending expulsion and sufficient time to respond to the notice. Expulsion will be considered if any member shall infringe on the right of Relentless Muscle to enjoy a good reputation within the community. Upon expulsion from the Club, an individual must receive approval by a majority 0r 2/3 vote of the Officers before reinstatement.

13) Resignation:

Any member may resign by filing a written resignation with the Membership Coordinator, but such resignation shall not entitle said member to any refund of annual dues already paid.

14) Transfer of Membership:

Membership in this club is transferable or assignable if there is another chapter in the area they are transferring to or permitted to start a new chapter in the area the member is transferring to.

15) Club Supporters:

Club Supporters are defined as not being an official member. Club supporters do not go through the vote in/probation process, do not pay dues and are not eligible for access to the “Closed Group” on Facebook. Club supporters can only have access to the Facebook “Community” page and hang around at events or functions.




1. Quorum. A quorum shall constitute a minimum of ten (10) Club Members provided a majority of the Officers is present. A quorum is necessary for transaction of business at any meeting.

2. Notice of Meeting. Notice shall be given to all Club members of all meetings via the Relentless monthly newsletter, not less than five (5) days prior to the date of the proposed meeting.

3. Annual Meeting. The annual meeting of the members shall be held at the regular January meeting. The purpose of said meeting shall be for the nomination of Officers and the transaction of such other business as may come before the meeting.

4. Monthly Meetings. General membership meetings will be held twice a month with dates, locations and times to be published in the Relentless newsletter.

5. Fiscal Year. The annual fiscal year of the Club shall be January 1 to December 31.




1. Nominees must be an active good standing member of Relentless Muscle

2. Names of nominees will be accepted by the Officers in writing or in person.

3. Nominations must be accepted by the nominated member either in person, in writing, or verbally by phone if the nominee is unable to attend the Annual Meeting.

4. Notification of the nominated officers shall be published in the November issue of the Relentless newsletter, which will be available to all club members by December. Election ballots will be included with the notification. In the event a member cannot attend the monthly meeting, in January, to vote in person, their ballots shall be returned to the secretary no later than the day prior to the January monthly meeting in order to be included in the count.

5. In the event there is only one nominee for a position, the vote for that position will take place at the Annual Meeting, and the results reported in the December newsletter.

6. Written ballots are required for nominated officers where there is more than one candidate.




1. Officers. The Officers of the Club shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Sgt at Arms, a Treasurer, a Secretary, a Road Captain, a Public Relations, and a Membership Coordinator. Officers may hold only one position. Each officer shall be an active member of the club.

2. Election and Term of Office. The Club Members at the January Meeting of each Year shall elect the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Membership Coordinator of the Club. Officer’s term of office shall be from January 1st through December 31st.

3. Vacancies. A vacancy in any office because of death, resignation, termination, or otherwise, may be filled temporarily by vote of the Club Members for the un-expired portion of the term. This may be accomplished at the next official Club Meeting.

4. (President) The President shall be the principal executive officer of the Club. He/she shall preside at meetings of the membership. He/she shall have general active management of the business of the Club. He/she shall be an exofficio member of all standing committees, and shall have the general powers and duties of supervision and management.

  • To preside over meetings of both the Executive Board and the club as a whole.

  • To judge items not covered in the bylaws or in the rule’s regulations.

  • Directorship gives the president authority to judge items not in the bylaws.

  • To represent the club in any club business contacts and to supervise major economic transactions.

5. (Vice-President) In the absence of the President or in the event of his/her inability or refusal to act, the Vice-President shall perform the duties and exercise the powers of the President. Along with the Secretary, the Vice-President shall be responsible for tallying, verifying and reporting the results of the annual Election of Officers for the coming year. He/she shall also aid other officers in their duties as well as perform such other duties as prescribed.

6. (Secretary) The secretary shall attend meetings of the Officers and meetings of the membership and record votes and the minutes of proceedings in a book kept for that purpose; and shall perform like duties for the standing committees when required. He/she shall give, or cause to be given, notice of all meetings of the membership and Officers. He/she shall be responsible for the writing of all Club correspondence except the Club Newsletter. The Secretary, along with the Vice-President, shall be responsible for tallying, verifying and reporting the results of the annual Election of Officers for the 4-coming year. The Secretary shall perform other such duties as may be prescribed by the President.

7. (Treasurer) The Treasurer shall have the custody of the Club funds and shall keep full and accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements in books belonging to the Club. He/she shall deposit all monies, and other valuable effects in the name of and to the credit of the Club, in such depositories as may be designated by the Officers. He/she shall disburse the funds of the Club as may be ordered by the membership of the Officers taking proper receipts for such disbursements. The Treasurer is responsible for collecting money immediately following the closing of the event. The Treasurer or Vice President and Event Coordinator must both be present for accuracy in the counting of the Event funds. Each Officer shall be entitled to spend up to $100 in furtherance of the business affairs or general purposes of the Club. Such expenditures shall be documented with receipts. Expenditures over $100 shall be approved by a quorum of the membership. The Treasurer shall render to the Officers and membership at all regular meetings of the membership, an account of all transactions as Treasurer and of the financial conditions of the Club. The Treasurer should submit a proposed budget to the membership for approval at the March membership meeting. If the Treasurer is unable or unwilling to perform his/her duties as directed by these Bylaws, the co-signer of the accounts will immediately assume the responsibilities. The vacancy will be filled as stated in the Bylaws.

8. (Road Captain) The executive duties of the road captain are as follows:

            1. To plan the travel routes and organize the basic itinerary of the club prior to going on a 'run' (cruise).

            2. To lead the club in formation while driving on a cruise.

            3. To enforce club rules and procedures for group driving.

            4. Designate a maintenance supervisor for all club vehicles.

9. (Sargent At Arms) The executive duties of the sergeant at arms are as follows:

            1. To maintain order at club meetings in particular, and club activities in general.

        2. To ensure that members adhere to club rulings, policies, and expected models of conduct when dealing with other members or outsiders.

            3. To defend club members, property, or territory from outside threats.

10. (Public Relations) The duties of the PR is to take pictures of club vehicles at all events, meetings, and club functions. The PR will also post photos on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and on our Community Pages. 

11. (Membership Coordinator) The Membership Coordinator shall be responsible for the membership directory, which shall be maintained on a current basis. He/she shall be responsible for recording and maintaining all applications for membership as well as collecting all membership dues to the Club. The dues shall be turned over to the Treasurer with a listing of all members. He/she shall distribute and be responsible for the membership cards. The Membership Coordinator shall continue to seek out ways and means to increase the Club membership maintaining contact and responsible for meeting with potential petitioners prior to his/her petitioning to join.




1. A Club member shall be selected annually by vote of the Membership to edit and prepare the Relentless newsletter. The responsibilities of the Relentless newsletter editor shall include, but not limited to, the editing and publication of news articles by the Club membership as appropriate according to the Club objectives and other news the editor may deem appropriate or interesting to the membership. The Relentless newsletter editor shall be responsible for getting a final version of the Relentless newsletter to the Club Webmaster in a Word of PDF file format for publishing on the website.

2. Webmaster. The webmaster’s position is to maintain the web site to whatever standards set by the Officers, but at the minimum must include a downloadable version of the monthly Relentless newsletter.

3. Relentless newsletter editor and webmaster may be combined as one position.




1. Events Chairperson. Will be approved by the membership. Chairperson will be responsible for submitting all income from events directly to the Treasurer or other Officer immediately following the close of the event. A designated committee member must be present for the tallying of the event income.

2. Committees. Committees not having and exercising the authority of the Officers in the management of the Club may be designated by resolution adopted by a majority of the membership present at a meeting, except as otherwise provided in such resolution, members of each such committee shall be members of the Club. Committees are required to prepare a budget for the event they are responsible for, and said budget must be approved by the Club at a Monthly Meeting.

3. Audit Committee. A committee shall be created to audit the Club accounts on behalf of the membership. The committee shall be responsible for insuring accuracy of the Club accounts and securing of receipts for disbursements. The audit shall be conducted annually. The Audit Committee shall be selected at the Annual Meeting. No Officer of the Club shall be a member of the Audit Committee.

4. Rules. Each committee may adopt rules for its own government not inconsistent with these Bylaws or as directed by the membership.

5. Limits of Liabilities. Any Club member who stores or uses Club property to perform Club business need only exercise due care of said property while this property is in the member’s custody.

6. (Executive Board) consists of those members who were elected as officers of the club along with two additional elected members who are not club officers. The board holds scheduled meetings every two weeks. Emergency meetings can be called if a situation arises that demands immediate attention. The executive board is responsible for:

            1. The monitoring of conflicts within the club.

            2. The application of disciplinary procedures.

            3. The evaluation of prospects and their progress.

            4. The presentation of summarized assessments of the overall club situation to the membership and goodwill with all members. He/she shall also be responsible for keeping a current list of all members eligible for door prize drawings and mailings. He/she shall also be responsible for furnishing a current membership listing to the newsletter editor.

            5. Founding Members will be included in EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE decisions.




1. Amendments. Any bylaw amendment must be presented to an Officer. The Officers shall then order said proposals to be published in the Relentless newsletter as a recommendation to the membership from the Board. Bylaws may be amended in April and October. Amendments may be presented at, or prior to, the March and September Meetings for publications in the following month’s Relentless newsletter. Voting on amendments will be done in April and October. A two-thirds (2/3) majority of the club members voting shall be required to pass an amendment.

2. Bylaw Amendments. All amendments must be voted on by written ballot.

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